Christmas Parish Quarterly

The latest Parish Quarterly is available to download here. Includes Fr Lawrie's "Christmas Message", a photo collage of happier times and stories of life under lockdown.

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Attending Mass

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Our Lady & All Saints Catholic Church

Week beginning 25th January
3rd Week in Ordinary Time

Monday 25th January
10.00am Mass
Phyllis O’Brien

Tuesday 26th January
7.30pm Evening Mass
Parish Deceased

Wednesday 27th January
10.00am Mass
Jim Mangeolles

Thursday 28th January
10.00am Mass
Special Intention (K)

Friday 29th January
10.00am Mass
James & Eileen Lamb

Saturday 30th January
6.30pm Mass
Thanksgiving (AF)
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Sunday 31st January
9.30am Mass
People of the Parish
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Sacrament of Reconciliation
by appointment with Father Lawrie

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Our Parish

Guidance during National Lockdown
Following the announcement on Monday 4 January, England has once again moved into a national lockdown. However, churches will remain open for the celebration of Mass.

→ Going to Mass during current restrictions

A saint’s feast day can typically be the day of their actual death or a day assigned by the Church.

Tuesday 26th of January

Saints Timothy and Titus
Saints Timothy and Titus were disciples and companions of Saint Paul; they were entrusted with the care of the Churches of Ephesus and Crete respectively. In the New Testament are preserved Paul’s letters of pastoral advice to them.

Thursday 28th of January

Saint Thomas Aquinas
Saint Thomas Aquinas was an outstanding writer and teacher of philosophy and theology; he died aged fortynine, in 1274.

Weekly prayers of intercession.

This week
We pray for everyone who is experiencing grief, loss and bereavement as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, and especially at this time for countries whose health systems are under immense pressure. May God grant consolation to those who mourn, and courage to those who continue to care for others even in the most extreme situations.
Lord, in your mercy...

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Services Online

Leeds Cathedral
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Ampleforth Abbey
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Liverpool Cathedral
→ Mass, Sunday 24 January 2021

Year of Saint Joseph

Pope Francis proclaims a
“Year of St Joseph”

So we may "increase our love for St Joseph, be encouraged to implore his intercession, and to imitate his virtues and his zeal"

→ More about the Year of St. Joseph

Parish Dead List 2021

Masses will be prayed throughout the year for the deceased relatives, families and friends.

→ 2021 List


If you are in good health and available to act as a steward for an hour or so during the times when the church will be open,
please contact Fr Lawrie at:


Protect the vulnerable ... and let your refreshing and creative spirit flow through the centre of our town.

→ A prayer for Christian Unity
→ A prayer for Otley


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